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Founded in 2010 by prominent Exclusive photographer, Cam Shooters the line between editorial fashion photography and personal portraiture. Located in Trichy, our studio’s offer people the chance to step out of their comfort zones and spend a day with the professionals.

Ultimately our mission is to help people to see beauty in themselves while creating wonderful works of art that will be passed down through generations.

We value our customer product photography as much as you value your products and strive to meet the individual needs of our cliental by working closely with our clients to deliver high quality product photos with a fast turnaround time. At Product Photo, we understand our customers need its play a vital to success and that high-quality images increase success. We are here to serve you, and we are always happy to offer our clients advice on how to improve the display of product images on their Occasion.


Our Services:


ü  Wedding Photo

ü  Candid Photo

ü  Outdoor Shoot

ü  Indoor Shoot

ü  Landscape Shoot

ü  Birthday Shoot

ü  Family Shoot

ü  Baby Shoot